About Dental Marketing Boot Camp


Dental Marketing is simple.

…but it’s not easy.


Both the Essentials and Advanced Techniques & Innovations classes will be held in our office in the suburbs of Philadelphia with our marketing experts, and take place over a period of two days.

If you’re looking for a deal, you can buy the two classes together for a discounted price.

More leads, more patients, more referrals.

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  • Essentials
  • $1,500
  • Branding Your Content Strategy
  • SEO
  • Social Media Advertising
  • PPC Advertising
  • Lead Generation and Nurturing Referral
    Based Systems
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  • Advanced Techniques & Innovations
  • $2,000
  • Ideal Client CPA Costs
  • Advanced SEO
  • Advanced Social Media Advertising
  • Advanced PPC Advertising
  • Advanced Lead Generation and Nurturing
    Referral Based Systems
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  • Marketing Expert (Essentials + Advanced Techniques)
  • $3,000 ($500 Discount)
  • All the features in both courses plus:
  • Developed knowledge in SEO
  • Expert use PPC &
    Social Media Advertising
  • Content & Client CPA costs
  • Lead Generation Expertise
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Course Dates

  • Essentials
  • May 17th – 18th
  • June 14th – 15th
  • June 28th – 29th
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  • Advanced Techniques & Innovations
  • July 12th – 13th
  • July 26th – 27th
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This training is designed to cover all of your lead generation, lead nurturing and referral based systems.

Common Items We Will Discuss:

  • How to establish a brand that separates your practice from all of the other competitors in your region
  • How to develop messaging to get the right patients to your practice while at the same time discourage the wrong clients from using your time, energy and resources
Web Development
  • How to alter your website to provide quick and simple information that your prospective clients are looking for, without confusion or technobabble
  • How to make your website more than a brochure
SEO – Based Content Strategy
  • How to identify the keyword phrases that your potential clients are typing into search engines when they are looking for the dental services that you provide
  • How to effectively rank for content that potential clients are looking for
Lead Generation
  • How to establish you and your practice as thought leaders
  • How to harvest the power of marketing automation to nurture leads into patients
Social Media
  • How to consistently increase the size of your potential patient list so that you can continue to develop strategic marketing plans to a base of clients who are familiar with your practice and your brand
  • How to generate an effective message on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to nurture potential clients to engage with your practice
  • How to create ads that will follow your potential clients around after they have engaged with your brand
  • How to use real data and analytics to understand how your potential and existing patients are engaging with your brand
  • How to track your growth through analytics and find the origin of your leads

Everything you need to know, all in one place. Check out our Dental Marketing Boot Camp White Paper 

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It’s our obligation… and our absolute honor


At Farotech, we are dedicated to our clients, but our determination doesn’t stop there. We’re also dedicated to those we’ve had the opportunity to serve around the world. You would possibly call it charity, we call it gleaning.

Discover what gleaning means to us and learn more about the initiatives we’re helping with in Liberia & Uganda.

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